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Nerve Cells, Interneurons and Axons in 3D
Cell and Nucleus in 3D
Enzyme Pyruvate Kinase in 3D
Grid, Eye and Skull in 3D
Motor Neuron in 3D
Blood Cells and Parvovirus in 3D
Horse Hoof in 3D
Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) in 3D
Bacterium Escherichia coli in 3D

Our motivation


Humankind reveals the secrets of life in a breath-taking speed.

Visualizing and making these findings experiencable is a huge challenge to science.

We accept this challenge.

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Your wishes


You look for an attractive way to present and publish your research?

You want to catch interest by communicating complex educational content in a pellucid and appealing way?

You want to fascinate your readership or audience with your article or documentation?

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Our offer

Attention to detail

We provide graphics, films, animations, software and apps in 3D for various areas of application (education, technics and science),

scientifically investigated,
from organ to cell,
for all species.

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