We are Scientists, Visionaries and Specialists

Managing Board

  • Dr. Jens Grosche (CEO, Cert. Biologist)
  • Gunnar Boldhaus (CTO, Cert. Computer Scientist)
  • Renate Holzer (COO, Cert. Biologist)
  • Dr. Markus Schlaf (CSO, Cert. Computer Scientist)

Supervisory Board

  • Dr. Heinz-Otto Klas (Chairman, Cert. Engineer)
  • Christian Klas (Cert. Economist)
  • Dr. Detlev Elsner (Cert. Mathematician)

Hard working team

  • Graphic designers
  • IT specialists
  • Visual effects artists
  • 3D modelers

Our vision

Our goal is to optimize the presentation of scientific knowledge. To achieve this goal we want to apply the advantages of 3D presentation to all content related to the life sciences.

Even though the capabilities of 3D are applied in areas of technology and entertainment, until now those techniques are rarely available for the life sciences.

About us

What we do

The core competence of Effigos lies in the creation of 3D models, 3D graphics and animated films from all areas of life sciences. We offer unique, interactive 3D apps for education and training (3D Explorer) based on highly detailed 3D models. For companies, we extend our 3D Explorers with products and individual content. In addition, we create high resolution 3D representations and animations for you up to the cellular level of observation.

In addition to humans, all species (animals, plants, fungi, microorganisms) can be subject of visualization projects. Also technical topics, e.g. in the field of hospital technology, diagnostic imaging or medical devices and instruments, Effigos creates attractive 3D animations and graphics. Thus, functionalities or technical features can be conveyed in an easily understandable manner and presented in a visually pleasing way.

For you

Our customers come from diverse areas of life sciences:

  • Agricultural Science
  • Biochemistry
  • Biology
  • Biotechnology
  • Cosmetics / Skin Care
  • Food Research
  • Human Medicine
  • Medical Engineering / Biomedical Engineering
  • Molecular Biology
  • Nutritional Science / Trophology
  • Pharmacology
  • Veterinary Medicine

Effigos Explorer and services are used in:

  • Education (University and School Education)
  • Industry
  • Media
  • Science
An excerpt from our list of pleased customers can be found here: Our customers

We keep on developing

Virtual und mixed reality

In our endeavors to constantly develop ourselves, we also pursue the latest technologies and their possible applications for Effigos. Currently, we are developing solutions to make Effigos Explorer accessible to augmented and virtual reality environments. In the future, we will offer you an even wider range of opportunities:

  • 3D Explorer, projected on your desk
  • Education and training with endless possibilities
  • Spectacular presentations on congresses and fairs