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Seeing is knowing
– on all devices

Effigos Explorer will be available online soon. Whether at home or on the move, on your computer or tablet – just open the application in your browser and get started.

Unique functions

  • arbitrary cutting planes
  • Automatic labeling
Use the cutting tool and create individual cutting planes through the 3D model. Indicate terms in Latin, German or English automatically. Create individual views according to your needs.

exciting insights

  • Exploded view
The exploded view provides insights into all components of the 3D model by mouse click.

three-dimensional micro model

Discover cells in 3D! The micro model gives you unique insights into different cell types.

Particular representations

  • Color tool
  • Set transparencies
Use the color tool and highlight individual structures. Show or hide components and point out what is not visible on illustrations. Compose content and of any complexity.

Your benefits


  • Share knowledge clearly and vividly
  • Increase success by visual learning
  • Examine with tests


  • Give exciting and dynamic presentations
  • Explain content individually
  • Insert your own media


  • Show your product’s features in 3D
  • Available always and everywhere
  • Facilitate your product demo